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446px-Uncle Sam (pointing finger)

Uncle Sam is the national personification of the United States. The first usage of the term dates from the War of 1812, and the first drawing dates from 1852. The most common depiction is of a serious, elderly white man with white hair, a beard, and patriotic clothing. He first appeared in comics in 1940 when Will Eisner introduced him as a superhero in National Comics #1.


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Major Victory

Major Victory was an unnamed American soldier killed during a Nazi sabotage attempt. In recognition of his indomitable courage and valor, the national spirit Father Patriot restored him to life with the ringing of the Liberty Bell. Donning a patriotic uniform, he continued to fight for America as Major Victory. Despite his supernatural origins, Major Victory has no super human powers. However, his spiritual mentor provided him with a mountain sanctuary, a super radio receiver, and an aircraft for his battle against the enemies of freedom. Whenever his presence is required, Father Patriot rings the Liberty Bell - which only the Major himself can hear - and in a flash of lightning, Victory is transported to appear before him...


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Republic Pictures' Captain America.