Codename Megumi Hime
Name Megumi
Gender Female
Family Yomeno
Occupation Princess
Status Active
Creator Simon Kirby
First Appearance MSN Groups, 2005

Majokko Megumi-Hime (Magical Princess Megumi) is a fictional anime series set within the Landmark universe. Created by maverick cartoonist Simon Kirby, it is chronologically the sixth of SK's retro-media pastiches and the fourth dealing specifically with classic anime. It is portrayed as direct sequel to the fictitious cartoon series Mahou No Hime Shiko-Chan, featuring a detailed faux history and a large cast of supporting characters.


Like her predecessor, Magical Princess Megumi is a refugee from the Radiant Kingdom, sent to Earth during a cataclysmic war with the Shadow Realm. Unaware of her royal lineage, Megumi-chan grows up to be a wild and somewhat accident-prone teenager, often in trouble with her teachers for disruptive behavior. In addition, her clothes have an inexplicable tendency to fall off when she becomes excited. The same thing happens to any girl in her immediate vicinity, leading to constant embarrassment for her classmates.

Things become more complicated shortly after her 15th birthday, when she suddenly develops mysterious powers, including flight, levitation, teleportation, transformation and practically anything else she can imagine. At first, Megumi is elated by her new-found abilities, but then begins to wonder where they came from.

It turns out that she is one of six Majokkos (Magic-Girls) evacuated to the Mortal Sphere following the invasion of the Radiant Kingdom. All six were members of the aristocracy, and each possess a locket inscribed with the seal of their line.

Megumi decides to locate the other five orphans and inform them of their regal heritage. Unknown to her, however, supernatural forces have already begun to bar her way. The Demonic king of the Shadow Realm has watched and waited ten years for the Signs of the Six, and has become aware of Megumi's existence. Intent on preserving his throne at all costs, he sends out his dark minions to track Megumi down and bring her back to him - dead or alive.

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