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Landmark Digital Comics is a database of original characters and storylines developed by dedicated artists, writers and illustrators. As a collaborative project, Landmark welcomes input and feedback from all contributors, particularly those with a firm knowledge of the visual media associated with the subject. Please feel free to visit our sister projects, serving to expand the range and scope of the source material (see links at the bottom of the page). For full effect, set your preferences to monobook. Problems or inquiries, please contact our Administrators for assistance.

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A trans-dimensional visitor from a world populated by superhumans, Excelsior is sent to Earth to wage war on others of his kind bent on enslaving the human race for their own malevolent purposes. Assuming the identity of private detective Barry Beckett, he quickly adapts to American life, coming to view Empire City as his new home. Armed with powers and technology "beyond anything imagined by the human mind" Excelsior embarks on an "epic battle for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". Read more...

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Tachyon, aka The Digital Man, is the brainchild of Dr Kenji Araki, Professor of Robotics at Hirohito University. Unveiled at Araki Labs in the "far-off" year of 2001, Tachyon is the world's most advanced synthoid (synthetic humanoid), endowed with superhuman strength, speed and intelligence. Originally designed as an indestructible warrior, Tachyon quickly exceeds original programming after his creator is murdered by the international terrorist organization S.T.A.I.N. Swearing an oath to avenge his "father's" death, Tachyon engages in a one 'man' war against injustice and tyranny, travelling the world to battle the insidious forces of S.T.A.I.N. and its sinister allies. Click here to view image at full size.

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Born a princess of the "Radiant Kingdom," Yomeno Shiko was spirited away to the planet Earth following a war with the Shadow Realm. Raised by human relatives, the Oharas, she now lives the life of a simple Shibuya schoolgirl, unaware of her royal lineage. This carefree lifestyle is shattered at the age of 16, when demons from the Shadow Realm finally track her down. Several Oni attack her one evening on the way home from school, leaving her for dead after a vicious struggle. Despite her terrible wounds, Shiko-chan miraculously survives as her immortal blood takes over. Read more...


Terra Magnus is a fictional universe set within the Landmark RPG, an alternate continuity which periodically encroaches on the mainstream reality. A violent, warlike empire ruled by malevolent transhumans, Terra Magnus is the "dark twin" of the Planet Earth. READ MORE...


According to most sources, Selina was first published by Landmark Magazines in 1964, making her official debut in Journey into Adventure no. 23. Devised by industry veteran Ray Haddingsly, Selina was originally intended to capture a young female audience by combining science fiction with teen-romance. READ MORE...

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