Codename Carrie
Name Daisy Miller
Carrie Madison
Gender Female
Family Miller/Madison
Occupation gymnast


Status Active
Creator Simon Kirby
First Appearance MSN Groups, 2005

Carrie Anne Madison is the teenaged niece of Commander Ace Brogan, Agent of S.T.E.E.D., with whom she shares a close relationship, regarding him as a father figure. While unaware of the exact nature of his espionage activities, she understands he is involved in Homeland Security to some degree. Currently 18 years of age, she studies physical education at Chamberlain University, working towards a Bachelor of Education. A former cheerleader and award-winning gymnast, she supports herself through part-time modeling and gym instruction.

Carrie shares an apartment with best friend, Kitty Hemstridge, and friendly rival, Gloria Benton. The girls share various humorous adventures together, frequently crossing paths with Chamberlain superheroes such as Selina the Moon-Maiden, Victory Girl, and Major Triumph.

In recent years, she has met a number of S.T.E.E.D. operatives through her uncle, and dated the superpatriot American Ego in his civilian identity.

Fictional Publishing HistoryEdit

Daisy Miller debuted as Harry Doolin's girlfriend in issue 2 of Holy Dooley! Comics (Goldman Periodicals, Mar-Apr 1941). Due to an ongoing legal battle between Goldman and its competitor, Anville Press, the character was dropped from the strip the same year, returning under the name Carrie Madison in 1942. Awarded her own feature in 1945, Carrie was redesigned as a showgirl similar to Timely's Mollie the Middle, running in her own title until the Comics Code Controversy of 1954.

The character was then published by Landmark Magazines from 1955-1966. Returning in the company's teen romance title Passion, she quickly became the star of her own teen comedy series, which lasted until the mid-sixties. When superheroes started dominating the field, the character was revived to play supporting roles in Major Triumph and Agent of S.T.E.E.D.


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